Saturday 9 February 2013

Dangerous driving and London's draft policing plan

The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) are currently consulting on a draft Police and Crime plan for London, to cover the period 2013-17. You can read the draft here and there's a short survey about it here. The London Assembly are carrying out a review into the draft plan too, which you can read about here. The MOPAC consultation runs until 6 March while you have until 15 February if you want to tell the Assembly your views.

The top priority in the draft plan is to:
Hold the Metropolitan Police to account for delivering the Mayor’s goal of driving down the key crimes of burglary, vandalism, theft of, and theft from motor vehicles, violence with injury, robbery and theft from the person by a total of 20%.
That list of key crimes notably excludes any mention of dangerous driving, as does the document as a whole. This is despite concerns over dangerous driving and road safety featuring prominently in previous police consultations:
  • The 2010/11 Metropolitan Police Service annual report said that  "Road safety has featured consistently in the top five public priorities for policing, with speeding and dangerous driving major concerns".
  • TfL's draft road safety plan said "The Metropolitan Police Authority's 'Have Your Say on Policing in London' consultation, which ran between June and November 2010, show that traffic and road related issues are the top priority for those who took part. Particular concerns identified in the consultation focus on road safety issues."
If anyone thinks London's policing plan should include something about improving road safety and tackling dangerous driving, then please do respond to the consultation (and to the Assembly review, while you're at it), saying so.

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