Wednesday 8 December 2010

People think cycling is dangerous

The UK Department for Transport have published the results of a very large and detailed survey into people's attitudes towards climate change and transport choices. There is a vast amount of information in the report and accompanying tables but I have just picked out some of the more interesting findings (for me anyway) on attitudes to cycling, particularly in London:

  • 60% of people who can ride a bike think the roads are too dangerous, including 71% of women and 66% of Londoners.

  • 63% of Londoners who can ride a bike would cycle more if there were dedicated cycle paths.

  • 90% of Londoners say cycling is the least safe form of transport.

  • 33% of Londoners don't cycle because they think there is too much traffic or the roads are too dangerous, compared to 22% in UK as a whole.

  • 62% of UK people 'haven't really thought about' cycling to work. 24% thought about it but decided not to.

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