Sunday 13 January 2013

Surveys about cycling

Just a quick post about a couple of interesting surveys of people's attitudes to different types of cycling infrastructure. First, via Ian Walker on Twitter, is a survey in the Vancouver region which found:
The best route types to encourage cycling were:
- paved off-street bike paths
- residential streets with traffic calming
- cycle paths next to major streets, but separated from motor vehicles by a curb or other barrier (also known as "cycle tracks")
The findings include this chart showing how regular, occasional and 'potential' cyclists all feel about different types of route and infrastructure.

16 Route Types, Average Likelihood of Choosing by Cyclist Type
Second, a survey in Bristol which is interesting because it asked non-cyclists their views on cycling provision:
When asked to assess their cycle route to work, only 10% of non-cyclists were happy with their commute's cycling potential (indicated by a rating of 'excellent', 'very good' or 'good'). 21% said it was OK, and 35% said it was poor or very poor, with the other third of respondents unsure. 
72% indicated that their major reason for not cycling to work was because it would be 'unsafe/stressful' to do so. This was the stand-out response. Reinforcing this response, almost exactly the same number (71%) of non-cyclists agreed that they would consider cycling more frequently if safe, well-connected, physically segregated cycle ways were provided for the majority of their commute.

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